Learn to Relax - Progressive Muscle Relaxation

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AUDIO CD  (48 minutes)

Are you among the many people that never really, fully relax?
Have you found that chronic pain has led to chronic tension?
Are you dealing with anxiety?

Then this is the place to start.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation is the building block technique for learning to relax. It is specially designed to teach you to be body-aware. It is an exceptionally useful skill for everyone to learn.

Most people receive relaxation benefits immediately from using this technique. Once you've practiced this skill for a few weeks, begin to look for longer term benefits. See if you start to notice tension as it builds through your day, then work on using an abdominal breath to release it.

The end result is overall reduced tension and increased relaxation, giving your body and mind the ultimate environment for healing and coping with pain and anxiety.

The final track on this CD shares 6 ways you can integrate this new body awareness into your everyday life, making this a technique with lifelong benefits.


Track titles:
1.  Introduction
2.  What is PMR?
3.  PMR Script
4.  PMR in Everyday Life