Learn to Relax 2 - Deep Muscle Relaxation

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AUDIO CD  (63 minutes)

Are you experiencing stress, anxiety, pain or tension?
Do you find it difficult to relax?

Then you will want to use this CD.

Deep Muscle Relaxation is for everyone, as it offers a broad range of benefits. With each track being about 15 minutes long, you don't need to make a big time commitment to experience these benefits.

As you achieve deeper relaxation with practice, some of the benefits you might begin to notice are:

* Reduced pain, which will often continue after your session is over.

* Lowered anxiety, as anxiety and relaxation cannot co-exist.

* Improved sleep.

* An optimum healing environment for your body and mind.

* Increased energy, as a relaxed muscle uses less energy than a tense one.

* Finally, research shows that relaxation combats the negative effects of stress on the body, resulting in overall greater wellbeing.


Track titles:
1.  Introduction
2.  The Blanket
3.  Healing Light
4.  The Meadow
5.  The Cocoon