Experience Less Pain - Through Visualization

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AUDIO CD  (68 minutes)

Have pain or anxiety taken over your life?

Then this CD is for you.

In this CD, you will learn about the power of visualization. It also teaches you how to visualize. Everyone can learn to visualize!

As you begin the visualizations, you will learn to work with your pain or anxiety rather than ignore it, push it aside, or simply suffer with it.

Although ignoring pain or anxiety plays an important role in pain management, this needs to be balanced with working with the pain. In the process of learning this skill, you will be bringing to your fingertips a powerful strategy for dealing with pain.

As a result of using these visualizations, many people find that they feel an increased sense of mastery in managing their pain, experience reduced pain long after using the technique, get better sleep, and have more energy.


Track titles:
1.  Introduction
2.  Sandy Island
3.  Shooting Star
4.  The Balloon
5.  Overflowing Glass