About Counselling


Counselling Philosophy

My counselling philosophy is based on the belief that you have within yourself the ability to grow and heal. You are the expert in your own life. Only you can know for yourself what feels right or what works well.


Counselling Services

As a counsellor, my role is to help you gain insight and understanding into yourself, your relationships, and your situation so that you can discover your own solutions.

Sometimes in life you might find that you don't have all the necessary knowledge or coping skills to deal effectively with what comes your way. At these times, I offer education, coping skills and strategies, and resources, that can help you overcome obstacles and remove barriers to get to where you are going.

Over the years, I have studied a number of counselling models, which have melded into one cohesive approach. I offer a combination of cognitive-behavioural, acceptance and commitment therapy, insight-oriented, solution-focussed, narrative, psycho-educational and energy-based approaches.


Fee: $120.00 + GST per hour


Areas of Practice

I offer counselling and workshops that help you …

– reclaim your life from pain, injury or illness

– reduce depression, anxiety and panic

– develop relaxation skills

– manage anger more effectively

– sleep better

– recover from accident or injury trauma

– deal with driving anxiety after a car accident

– reduce stress

– move through loss

– return to work or deal with not returning to work