The   R.E.C.L.A.I.M.  Program


Pain management counseling and workshops that:

offer you a way to reclaim your life from pain

assist in developing a healthy recovery perspective

 ♦ teach a broad range of coping strategies

 ♦ draw on your strengths and personal resources

 ♦ emphasize how to live your life fully even with pain

improve your quality of life

 ♦ create positive shifts in your pain experience



I invite you to explore the website to learn more about this program, and the counselling, workshops, products and services that can support you in your recovery.

Cindy Fisher, M.A. (Clin.Psych.)                                      
Registered Clinical Counsellor






"I am on a wellness path and I went to see Cindy Fisher. Cindy is quick, insightful, and one of the most effective counsellors I have ever met. She has a unique method of speaking and exploring with you to help you understand what your issues are, why they are there and how to solve them. Cindy’s style is effective and nurturing and definitely helps you to help yourself. I am grateful I met Cindy."

PCK, Nanoose Bay, BC 



"After suffering chronic anxiety for many years, meeting Cindy was the greatest gift I could have received! Her gentle, unique approach to helping you find yourself again, and her CDs for relaxation are a powerful combination towards recovery. Surrender, and let her help you "Reclaim" your life. I did, it worked, and I've never felt better! My family is especially happy to have the "old" me back, thanks to Cindy." 

Pam F., Nanaimo, BC



"Cindy was a shining light throughout my rough journey as a caregiver to my husband of 22 years. During the last 3 years, she helped me find myself through all the chaos of juggling work and caregiving and then through the loss of the man I thought I would grow old with. I can't even imagine now where I was a year ago because of where I am now. Life is great! Thanks Cindy!"

Nathalie C., Nanaimo, BC