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As you begin to use these relaxation CDs, you will
immediately rediscover how to relax those muscles that have
become chronically tense from all the stress and anxiety and
pain of injury, illness and everyday life.

You may think you're relaxed
when reading a book
or watching TV

But chances are,
you're still holding lots of tension!

Learn how to let that tension go
with just 15-30 minutes of practice a day.



"Cindy Fisher's CD set is a great addition to any self help library. Whether the problem is inability to relax, insomnia, pain, or anxiety, Cindy has created a number of specific, creative visualizations to help with each of these problems. The rich quality of these CDs is a direct result of her many years of experience in successfully helping people. I found that both her soothing voice and carefully chosen suggestions allowed me to relax into her visualizations with ease and enjoyment. Self help has never been so easy!"


Krisanna Jeffery, BSW, M.Ed, Registered Clinical Counsellor Author of "The Great Sex For Life Toolkit"


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Take a moment to identify an area of tension in your body.


*** Maybe your neck or shoulders? Your low back? ***

How would you like to not only be able to learn to relax that area but also learn to keep bringing it back to that relaxed place with just some breathwork and a few seconds of focussed attention?


You will learn how to with these CDs.



The skills on these CDs have been long proven as highly effective for managing stress, anxiety and pain.


With these audio CDs you will:

♦  Learn the building block technique for learning to relax.

♦  Know how to "catch and release" tension.

♦  Feel your stress, anxiety and pain levels go down.

♦  Deepen your ability to relax.

♦  Learn 6 ways to use relaxation skills in everyday life.

♦  Discover how to work with your pain.

♦  Explore 3 unique techniques to slow down your mind.

♦  Sink deeply into sleep.


"I have lived with chronic pain for many years. I have not been able to fully relax and lessen my pain until I started listening to Cindy's CDs. Her calm and soothing voice helps me focus on putting me into a state of relaxation both in body and mind. This experience is all new to me and I hope with the guidance in the CDs I continue to get better at it. It is so important that we take the time to take care of ourselves. Thank you Cindy for helping with this journey and the hurdles that I live with daily."

Debbie Romanchuk, Nanoose Bay, BC


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What if you just had to do one thing to achieve all of the following:


Reduce your pain
Lower your anxiety
Manage your stress better
Feel truly relaxed
Get better sleep
Increase your energy
Improve your quality of life
Have time for yourself


Would you do it?


And if you knew that the time you invested
would benefit you
for the rest of your life


Would you do it?


If you said a resounding "Yes!" then look no further!


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Or, if you're not quite convinced yet,
you can read on and learn about each CD:

Learn to Relax - Progressive Muscle Relaxation

If you have any trouble relaxing at all, this is the place to start !!!

This is the building block technique with which to learn to relax. It is specially designed to teach you to be body-aware.

It is an exceptionally useful skill for everyone to learn, but especially those with chronic pain, stress, anxiety and anger.

Once you've practiced this skill for a few weeks, you will discover the longer term benefits.

* Learn how to do proper abdominal breathing.

* "Catch and release" tension with scanning.

* Discover how to use abdominal breathing to return to a relaxed state anytime, anywhere.

* Learn how to identify your "problem areas" and work on them.

* Break through the endless cycle of tension and pain or tension and anxiety.

* Discover 6 ways to integrate relaxation into your everyday life.

* Find all other relaxation techniques more effective as a result of learning this one.

The end result will be overall reduced tension and increased relaxation, giving your body and mind the ultimate environment for healing and coping with pain and anxiety.

Track Titles:
1. Introduction
2. What is PMR
3. PMR Script
4. PMR in Everyday Life



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Learn to Relax 2 - Deep Muscle Relaxation

With each time you listen to one of the tracks on this CD, you will find yourself deepening your ability to relax.

If you give yourself just 15 minutes of your day committed to your own wellbeing, you will discover a number of these benefits for yourself.

* Lower your blood pressure.

* Reduce your pain.

* Boost your immune system.

* Decrease anxiety.

* Increase energy.

* Create a healing environment for your body.

* Find yourself mentally calmer and clearer.

* Improve your ability to cope with stress.

* Increase your body awareness for relaxation.

* Get better sleep.

* Improve your overall wellbeing.

* Decrease anger and irritability.

The end result will be a calmer, more grounded, and healthier you.

Track Titles:
1. Introduction
2. The Blanket
3. Healing Light
4. The Meadow
5. The Cocoon



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Experience Less Pain - Through Visualization

Do you find that it’s hard not to focus on physical pain or discomfort?

That when you are dealing with something, physical or emotional, that your attention is drawn to it?

And maybe you have worked hard on distracing yourself from the pain or anxiety. This is a great skill to develop.

However … It’s equally essential to work with the pain or anxiety …

With this CD, not only will you learn to how to work with your pain or anxiety. You will also:

* Learn why and how visualization works.

* Get 4 steps for learning how to visualize – everyone can learn!

* Gather 7 pointers to maximize the benefit you get from the CD.

* Discover the power of visualization for yourself.

* Improve your ability to manage pain or anxiety.

* Experience increased energy.

* Gain a sense of personal mastery over your pain or anxiety.

* Develop skills for managing pain and anxiety which you can use anytime, anywhere.

* Evolve your ability to cope with pain and anxiety to a new level.

As a result of using this CD, you will be taking the steps to getting pain or anxiety out of the center of your life – you will be getting your life back in focus – as a step toward RECLAIMing your life from pain.

Track Titles:
1. Introduction
2. Sandy Island
3. Shooting Star
4. The Balloon
5. Overflowing Glass



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Getting to Sleep - Slowing Down Your Busy Mind

Are you having too many nights when you’re not getting a good sleep?

Do you have trouble getting to sleep? Or staying asleep?

Maybe your mind is so busy, you can’t slow it down enough to fall asleep?

This CD along with all the others that are part of the RECLAIM Program help to solve the tension, pain, stress, anxiety, and busy mind that may be keeping you awake when you should be sleeping.

With this CD, you will:

* Learn 3 strategies for slowing down your busy mind.
* Get 7 tips for improving your sleep starting tonight.
* Enjoy a "Deep Release" into sleep.
* Have something to use when you wake up in the middle of the night to help you fall back to sleep.
* Benefit from the healing powers of sleep.
As you get better sleep, you will find that you have less pain and anxiety, cope better with stress, feel less irritable, and experience better quality of life.

Track Titles:
1. Introduction
2. Moving Furniture
3. Freight Train intro
4. Freight Train steps
5. The Blender
6. Deep Release



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