The  R.E.C.L.A.I.M.  Program


Have you noticed how pain or illness impacts every aspect of your life? How nothing in your life remains unaffected? You are not alone if you feel that pain has taken your sense of vitality.

Many people believe pain management is about reducing pain or making it go away. What you will discover as you follow the RECLAIM program is that pain management is about everything but the pain.
The focus of the RECLAIM program is to teach you the principles and walk with you through the steps to learn to live your life fully and vibrantly whether pain is present or absent. It's about getting pain out of the centre of your life and getting your life back from pain.
If pain - physical or emotional - is running your life ... if you want your life back ... if you want to experience life more fully and richly ... if you just want pain to stop deciding your life for you ... then the RECLAIM program is for you.