This step in the RECLAIM Program is interesting because you need to start with it, end with it, and do it all the way through your healing journey. Let me explain.

First, you need the intention (purposeful resolve; determination) that you will take the necessary steps to travel on your recovery journey. You need to start with a commitment to yourself. This may sound simple and obvious, but it’s neither. Many things will get you off track and challenge your intention.

Next, you need to be willing to let go of the “old you” in order to build a “new you”. The old you, as you knew you, is already gone. You just need to take the step of letting it go. This leaves the path open to build a new you.

Finally, you will limit the progress on your healing journey unless you accept that life as you knew it has changed, and what’s happening in your life is really happening. When you stop fighting yourself and your life, good change happens.

These factors need to be checked in on and tuned up all the way through the recovery process.

Then at the tail end of the healing journey, they need to get revisited one more time. Take a look at your intention to keep up what you need to keep up to maintain your health and to keep improving it. Determine to keep on letting go of what you need to as your life keeps changing. And accept your new life, as imperfect as it may be, as you continue the process of RECLAIMing your life.

This FAQ will give you some ideas to get you started.



It’s normal to feel a sense of lack of control when you’ve experienced a dramatic change in your life. Everything is suddenly different. This can certainly happen when injury or illness steps into your life.

To get that “in charge” feeling back in your life, you need to take responsibility and take charge.

Be aware that every moment of your day offers you choices. Right now, you can continue to read this page or go to another page. You can sit with good posture or slouch. You can fight your life or accept it. You can change or stay the same.

What does your intention need to be? What deliberate action do you intend to take in your life right now that will make the next moment feel like you are taking greater charge of your life?

Letting go
As a whole, mankind does not embrace change. People like things to stay the same, and be predictable, comfortable and familiar. Adapting to good change is usually easier. However, changes you’d rather not have in your life, such as injury or illness, are not so easy to embrace.

As a result, the tendency is to hang on to your life as you know it. As a result, you begin to move away from dealing with reality, moving further and further into fantasy land – the way you’re convinced your life still should be. The further apart what you’re hanging on to is from what’s really happening, the more stress, frustration and discontent you will experience.

The harsh reality (sorry!) is that your life was never going to stay the same. Change is as much guaranteed as death and taxes. You may not like the circumstances under which your life changed, but change is a normal part of life.

Is there an old part of you you’re hanging on to, that by letting go of it, you can deal more with the reality of your life?

Finally, to feel more in control of your life, it helps to accept that everything happening in your life is life. Nothing happens that isn’t real life. It is what it is. You are who you are. What you’re going through is what you’re going through. Don’t wait for life to become “normal” again. This is normal life. No matter how out of the norm it is for you. Right now is life in all its disaster and glory.

What do you need to do to fully live today?